Twitter Poems

This is a copy and paste feed of recent Twitter poems. It is by no means comprehensive. This is just the stuff that got retweeted and only some of it that. These are all © 2013 by Boinkaz.* While retweeting and reprinting with the explicit consent, attribution, and pre-publication authorization of the author are welcome, other uses are not. Thanks for stopping by this page.

Legacy of the Great War:
99 yrs ago today
ancient europe went away
& Wilson’s law became a fact
once Congress passed the Espionage Act.

10X10 the Squares
Market farmers
canvas chairs

Hum a new American anthem
cross a sea of knotted ties
bobbing killer squid
blushing blue or red
pressed in froth
to whitecap shirts

A river of battery acid
yellow red
~ superdoppler ~
flows in HD.
Dendrite trees
to bleats
of a hiding drum.

Brisk u strode
long beard
so tall
U looked
like God.
U tried to convert me~
faith at your side
the slow walk a parent dreads.

bunch kale
tomatos, 1/2 peck

#Royalbaby at first sight
waving off the TV tripe.
Courtiers say he pooped a stack
And there they’ll place
a fresh blue plaque
#orjay #mpy

yellow boots
of buried apricot

fringilline choir
Twinkie Ressurection
Hymn to the yellow bird
Warble white filling
that never dies.

Waah ~
said ~
the ~
Royal Baby +
The ~
Royal Baby +
said ~
Waah ~
Waah ~
Baby +
said ~
the ~
Royal *


Brown bats barrel above us
taking mosquitos in fits
of radar intuition.
Minivans & cars nuzzle mounded rows
and murmur the same radio.

rustle ^
flap ~
trill -<

where >
where >
where \


here *
here *
here *



Her soul ~
thin dove ~
took flight ~
from her ~
scabbard flesh.

a vision in white
honing in upon my sight.
Eyes 2 supernovas
lips a dust of saffron.
Henna serpentine
our fingers thus entwine.

Now a sleet of fists:
Any bruise U want
as long as it’s red.
“Bring it.”

rags of neoprene light
airmop spit of night
robins tsk & fast the lawn
with a lash of worms.

Crabgrass lawns clear silicon
Now everything we know is gone
For funnel cakes from azure air
picked off our house
like lice from hair

Je vous tiens près, mon cher ami
réchauffer le cœur des oiseaux battant rapide
dans ma main.
Je passe les doigts
dans vos cheveux en plumes.

And the poets are mad?
Now Robespierre
climbs the steps.

It is one of those years
where everything I touch
spontaneously combusts
& turns to ashes.
As I kiss your words
I look
but don’t touch

the chessmen:
black shroud
wrapped white
crusader plays
with swedish fight
Check & mate
avoids the scythe.

Every night at 7
a balloon is sent to heaven
to listen to clouds.
The weather station
coos in superdoppler
send an answer in the mail.

Me before you:
the clatter ~
the dragging ~
The end of flesh.

Relax ~
I’m better at this.
Remember me
& my smile,
my dear friend.

Duquesne incline
A slide of rail ties
Edges sereated by a hum of light.
Red cars jut square beards
burning a fuse of passengers.

Dead or Alive?
Talking u or me?
If it’s me
I’ve earned alive and free.
If it’s u
u died the instant
u signed a contract for free HBO.

a rising carbonation of fireworks
bubbles of white boats
skeeter the cracked glass bottom
of the Mon & Allegheny,
shatter into the Ohio

2 men of Robben Island:
2 1st a footnote 27 years long.
2 the 2nd a perception management exercise:
It’s not a prison
It’s a quarry.

Plimsoll line past mark
a floating coffin’s hark.
R U wrestling a skiff on the poop deck?
Or sweating engine steam
as water rushes in?

Clowns mawk in a mist of sky
bathe in privelege unearned.
How to whip the forlorn?
We the sipping fools
we to the manor born?

I caress your
blueberry forearm,
judge it ripe.

proximity makes the heart grow fonder:
a thought to briefly ponder.
Our aspirations laundered.
I wished I’d never a gone there.

garage tongues
slurp bargains

Lil dron lil dron
hit the few
Icall a dron strike
on all a you
Collatral damage
can u name a few?
Dont 4get the kidy
playn hopscotch 2#lqw

shirts tucked to crisp
a mall stretches
to shuffling chairs

Jean jacket & runny hose
long do I remember those
Ur hair bent to curl
& ur walk with 1 cheek turned
up to lights for a passing kiss.

The husk
of you lays new in grave.
Yet ringed by the plush constancy
of the benefits you have accrued.

no lunch on holiday
no time
no name
no luck
just a beautiful face
under glass.
Be the 1
My Tuesday Gal
Be the right hand
of business

we feral swine~
we sage grouse~
have a pact~
2 exist.

Desolate gardens
of blood and limbs
ferment to sausage
on grass of limed-over liberties.
Some pay.
Others make money.

We are all naked.
Rice in a pressure cooker.
some of us obey
some of us explode
some of us refuse to blanch,
for we are not rice.

A jean of clouds fades blue
warsh clean a stain of sun.
Pearls of bleach hung swirling white
across an endless leg of night.

terrorism’s a feint of reality;
a lottery you don’t want to win.
It’s no excuse to rob us of our last tax dime
or final civil liberty.

blown by a dark Riefenstahl sky
2 legs
sand rippling
she is Jesse Owen
she nods for gold
& middle school.

Magnolia jaws the sky with adolescent braces.
It throws a tantrum of petals & flounces for insects
a whiff of fruity bubble gum.
Every night forever
we’ll recline in heather
Our maître de the weather
and mists of stars divine

your tresses twain entwined,
a sigh across a thick of vines
come a winsome glance
come and sit beside me
brushing minds in serpentine.
wake from your slumber~
bloody in your shell of gauze.
Your pearls stolen~
by the blue gull’s beak.
Take heart~
its just enameled sand.

I walk among potted tumors
pace carpet patterned in severed breasts.
Even the plants are fabric.
Blue scrubs hold a mask of anubis.
Raise cotton wings ~
blue breasted valkyrie,
daughter of Woton.
Your sentinel nodules gleam a green laser
as you beat away the ground.

blue whimsy ~
rains upon ~
a stardust walk of lanes. ~
pins warble in a slotted light ~
Balls ~
nose ~
to swing ~
crack & roll.

cherry blossoms funnel white~
fragrance follows you in flight~
Summer’s green in sensible shoes
& heavy with a thousand pits.

A longing lashes my eye
for you in shorts & wellingtons.
For furrows of turned sod
to grow brows of broccolli
and bunched basil.

craven comes the caw ~
and glinting eye *
of jackdaw ^
shiny bling in flight *
the flap of wings ~
through quisling night –>


The numismatist,
he shook his fist
at his mate as they got pissed.
Abominable said the logophile.
Let’s get minted gangam style


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