Channel, No. 5 

By Boinkaz

for a man who expired here online

face in the keyboard, his hand to his chest

his corpse oiled in pale monitor light 

cubicled mausoleum, I suppose

there is no good cemetery online

no crematorium to cook him in

the living mingle here with the deceased

their faculties professional adjuncts

We channel them through appropriate poems

conjure them in crowds we once frequented

I think that it’s good that we keep them near

and a shame Americans ignore death

they flick the remote once you leave their lives

passing swiftly twitter totem accounts.

Copyright 2015 by Boinkaz

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4 thoughts on “Channel, No. 5 

  1. Talon says:

    I think this is one of my absolute favorites of mine of yours.

  2. Like this a lot! 🙂

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