by Boinkaz

America grinds, sonorific land
marching bands twirl subways fast through blurred hands
dusk tiaras cities in fairy light
jumbotrons mutter it’s all you, tonight

hashtag suburbs cry tears of schoolchildren
mongrelized by endless innovation
taught to cater to mawkish tech carnies
their selfies just arm-length, blank, stolen souls.

we jumped from rural bridges as small kids
saluted mummars in tiny clown cars
we fucked along the sun-shawled roads out west
read books of ceremonial murder.

like marbles through a pachinko machine

we play keepsies, but don’t fit in this scene.

Copyright 2015 by Boinkaz


2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Mikels Skele says:

    Timelessly timely.

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