A She-Time Sonnet

by Boinkaz

she has two pupils set within one eye

the product of inbreeding I’m convinced

her cooking is earnest and italian

set in reject pots from an outlet sale.

hawks of sweat clutch her arm as she cleans house

she’s merry as a bell with her talk shows.

reading ingredients off chocolate bars

she laboriously eats the morsels.

if time were a rose, its petals have dried

and scents our bathroom, behind the toilet.

claws of first snow withdraw to pads of grass

long our hearts tumble in this laundromat

eventide kisses of tonic and rye~

subtle jazz slow symbol whisk till we die.

Copyright 2015

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4 thoughts on “A She-Time Sonnet

  1. this is lovely – I’ll have to read it again

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