West, the Ohio River From #Pittsburgh – #Poetry

© By Boinkaz

Mist pirouettes in light slippers
over star pimpled waters,
then pinions, bows
to the rising curtain of sun.
Smallmouth bass
freshwater drum
winnow a minnow of meals
along the shallows
of these rocky shoals.
Mud & stump cupcakes
linger at your tableside.
Bobbing roses
pink neon piebald noses
truffle out some bottom hazard,
while flat barges,
the washrags of commerce,
carry on a daily ablution
humming a foghorn of bathroom songs.

Zippering your banks
run 40 foot containers
warped green and red
on trains whistling slow through town
as per local ordinance.


Past a contaminated bolt plant from World War II
pimpled yards of white storage tanks filled with heating oil
and the long withered strawberry fields of Neville Island

Round the houses,
on a blanket of thrown mountains
wringing dew from stone
into your current,
the people wake and venture forth
in SUVs and minivans.

Herons of band practice fly overheard
glinting distant
awkward brass
negotiating the winds
from a high school football field.

Finally Logstown
a slagheap shadow
tosses a memory of pelted hats and gnarled stumps
to waters dissolving desecrated burial mounds.
Calling forth to a heart pumping steamboats & canoed with birchbark
As the fluid asp passes on
round the latticed bridges at Monaca.


Ohio River ambles west
pining for her final rest
when Mississippi’s muscled chest
pulls her tight entwined.

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