Existing Underwater

© By Boinkaz

Big and little
Bahraini oyster divers
we touch far bottom
two gilgameshes
sheened in sun water
reflecting mother-of-pearl
off our backs.

We clutched at sea cucumbers on the Fiji reef,
Urban submariners.
Hunting Sponges with sardined hands
We fought with rubber knives as frogmen
and you always won.
Me I’d come alive as a stingray
a chariot for a tiny Poseidan.

I taught you base diving
about self-control in breath
Playing Navy SEALS
I’d hang at the poolside
and count 100 bounces
as you’d emerge like a turtle seeking rock
burbled cheeks
hands clutched at your back
and then sink again.

Now claws of salted water
scratch my eye
as across an isthmus of
squeaking dolphins
you raise your arms
in butterfly.

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